A Book of Shadows

 Puppet Theatre

A Book of Shadows – Puppet Theatre

Not basket in which she squats , up-tossed

But mortar like shell broken half-birthed

Rowing, sweeping with doughty pestle

Steel-strong string webs of cob tidied

Into order, for Ariachne to spin fresh

Pathways star to star

Seventeen times moon-distant.

Bright new cosmos

Out-flung from consummate cribellum

Measured and mapped in glistening silver

Wheels within wheels.

In time, she will rowing return


We are a Brighton based shadow-puppet troupe.

Shadow-puppetry is an incredibly magical art/performance method with strong traditions in Asia, where it fulfils a semi-religious function in communities. Areas of Eastern Europe also hold shadow-puppetry traditions and schools.

Our shows all focus largely upon the Crone, Atropos – the cutter of the thread. Her function is so essential, nothing can begin afresh until the old has been cut away and cleared. However our society has feared and sought to disempower and sideline this aspect of femininity.

Our last show – “Three Drops” was the Welsh tale of Cerridwen – “White Sow”, herself a Dark Goddess, and how her role was integral in teaching mankind, Merlin in this case, about Fate, Magic and Rebirth.

We also run shadow puppet workshops. My favourites are cross-age. Including from young children to the elderly. We often run age-specific workshops however and I am involved in plans for a puppet course for juniors to begin later this year.

We are all DBS checked and Public Liability insured and available for Fairs, Fetes, Festivals, private parties and all community events.