March in the Cronegarden

by Scarlet Ostick

Planting planting planting…

March this year saw the “Book of Shadows” puppets yawning and rubbing their eyes and waking up after their three year hibernation. They were joined by some new animal puppets – among them a dodo and a thylacine! (look it up – it’s my favorite creature ever!) A couple of quick practice sessions of their new act and they were ready(ish) for a performance at a lovely two day event to mark the Spring Equinox held at Stanmer Park in Brighton.

Stanmer is mine, and was one of Reuben’s , special places so it meant a lot to be performing there next to Reuben’s yew tree. ( I will tell you the story of the tree another time).

The new show is about evolution and this “sixth mass extinction” which we are experiencing and humankind’s role in it. This sounds serious, and it is – but there are some laughs too along the way, hopefully! – come see – we will be performing it some more!

Also in March was framing and hanging some of my work upstairs in wonderful “Infinity Foods Cafe” in the Brighton Laines. They will be there for a while longer – pop in and see and try their amazing vegan food while you view!

April is proving super-busy – finishing new work for my upcoming Open House with “Atthecoachhouse” Kemptown in the May Brighton Festival. Watch this space for details! Also – the Cronegarden is planting planting planting – joyous to see all the new growth beginning.!

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