Painting, Puppetry, Poetry

by Scarlet Ostick

The Cronegarden

I am building a garden.
This is said to be the work of a lifetime,
And the loudening creak of my knees with each passing year,
attests to this.
In summer my garden is filled with bees and butterflies,
In winter wrens and robins.
Although these seasons resemble now in name only,
The ones I used to know.
I will try to adapt,
And hope that my garden will too.
I imagine my garden’s borders,
A forcefield,
Against the world outside.
That though elsewhere,
The hands upon the Earth’s body,
May be harsh,
and rain blows,
Within these borders,
She feels a gentle touch,
And knows,
That she is also loved.

Art work by Scarlet Ostick

High quality glycee prints.
Limited or open editions. Signed by the artist.
Also available as greetings cards.

About Scarlet

 To paraphrase writer Aiden Wachter – ‘I cover the world that was and set it aside. I create the world that is that I may inhabit it fully.”

Maid  –  in Wigan & transplanted to Brighton.
Mother  –  to two beautiful children – Martha and Reuben.
Crone  –  all of a sudden…

Marquee Hire

Our beautiful red and silver “Chinese hat” marquee was custom made in the Netherlands.
It is 5m square and made from blackout canvas.

A Book of Shadows – Puppet Theatre

We are a Brighton based shadow-puppet troupe.
We also run shadow puppet workshops.
I am involved in plans for a puppet course for juniors.
*We are all DBS checked and Public Liability insured and available for Fetes, Festivals, private parties etc.

The Enigmatic Symbolism of Baal: A Mystical Exploration

This academic article delves into the mysterious and multifaceted symbolism of the deity, Baal, examining his ancient origins, the rituals of his worship, and the diverse ways in which his symbolism has been reinterpreted in modern times.

Scarlet’s Art: A Celebration of Nature, Magic and Mystery

This blog piece explores the art of Scarlet, an outsider artist whose work is a celebration of the mysteries of Traditional Witchcraft, weaving together a rich variety of symbolism and material to create a visual language that invites the viewer to explore the power of the unknown.

New in the Crone Garden – Latest Work from Scarlet Ostick

New Pieces -Summer 2019by Scarlet Ostick New Work There is always something new in the Crone Garden.  I hope you like the new growth...

New in the Crone Garden – Collage and Mixed Media

Collagesby Scarlet Ostick Mixed Media and CollageThere is always something new in the Crone Garden. I hope you like the new growth... Wishing you all a glorious summer!

Artist Open House Exhibition | May 2019

I am so very happy to be a part of this exhibition with some incredibly talented other local artists at the beautiful Coach House, Brighton BN2 0EA.
There is a private preview on the 2nd May 2019 (see below).
starting at 6-9pm on the 2nd May 2019.
Then you can visit any Saturday or Sunday in May.
I would love you to come and see my work and that of the other artists too.

March in the Cronegarden

March in the Cronegarden by Scarlet Ostick Planting planting planting... March this year saw the "Book of Shadows" puppets yawning and rubbing their eyes and waking up after their three year hibernation. They were joined by some new animal puppets - among them a dodo...

Climbing the Mountain

The Cronegarden sits At the top of a mountain. The winds blow strong up there. That is the task – After the storm – Climb the mountain, Set things upright, Glue the broken pieces, Start over

The Perfect Toad

The sun caught the pond
In a second of sky
With its boreas down
And its cumuli dry

Fast asleep
On the edge of the pond
A Toad felt the touch
Of a second of sun

He opened his eyes
And raised his head
At this precise moment
I’m perfect he said

He closed his eyes
And destroyed the view
I’m perfect he thought
At this moment too

– Scott Bates- The Perfect Toad